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Buddy's Best Dog Breath Freshener Water Additive

SKU: Buddy's Best Water Additive 32oz w/ Pump

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Dog Breath Freshener Water Additive Peppermint Cinnamon - Dog Mouthwash for Dogs with Bad Breath, Safe Oral Care For Dogs 


  • BRUSHLESS DENTAL CARE FOR YOU PETS - Brushing your pet’s teeth can be a stressful experience for both parties involved. With Buddy’s Best water additive for dogs' bad breath, all you have to do is add this hygiene water to their water bowl for instant bad breath for dogs.
  • DOG BAD BREATH SOLUTION - This dog breath water additive cleans and whitens teeth, protects your furry friend's gums, and improves their overall oral health. An effortless dog bad breath eliminator for happy pets.
  • DOG ORAL CARE - With ingredients like mint, aloe, honey, and clove, this fast-acting, dog mouthwash solution will leave your pet’s breath smelling fresh and clean all the time.
  • PET-FRIENDLY - Your pet's wellness is our top priority. This dog dental water additive is paraben-free and alcohol-free! Rest easy knowing you’re using the best option for dogs.
  • MADE IN THE USA DOG MOUTH RINSE - Our doggie breath freshener water additive product is proudly made in the USA. 100% free from alcohol, paraben, and dye. We love animals so rest assured this dog oral rinse is cruelty-free.

Details: At Buddy's Best, we consider our furry friends to be members of our family. We've built a community of pet lovers who agree that our fur children deserve only the very best when it comes to their care, so we're here to provide you with exactly that with our new Peppermint Cinnamon Dental Care Water Additive!

Gum disease can result in bad breath, pain when chewing, and even tooth loss. The bacteria that collects on your pet's gums can travel to the heart, kidneys, and liver, reducing your pet's life span. By making sure your dog or cat's teeth are properly cleaned, you can add several good years to their life!
At Buddy's Best, we don't believe in using subpar ingredients. We've chosen only the best highly effective ingredients for our Dental Care Water Additive! Those ingredients and their effects include:

Cinnamon - Cinnamon has antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects which can reduce discomfort in the mouth and actively fight bad breath.

Peppermint - Peppermint contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help reduce the growth of bacteria in your pet's mouth. It also leaves their breath smelling minty fresh! Aloe - Aloe essentially acts as a natural toothpaste, eliminating pathogenic oral microflora which can cause mouth diseases.

Honey - Honey reduces infection and inflammation, preventing tooth decay.
These ingredients combined make for a powerful dental hygiene product.

HOW IT WORKS Add 2 Tablespoons of Buddy's Best Water Additive to 16 ounces of clean water, once daily for optimal results.

Buddy's Best Peppermint Cinnamon Dental Care Water Additive doesn't just cover bad breath, it attacks it at its source.

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